Corporate Branding

In marketing terms Corporate Identity is the “persona” of a corporation which helps attain business objectives. Visibly, we see it by the way of Corporate Branding and the use of trademarks.

In the simplest terms this amounts to a logo and support marketing which usually follows guidelines. These guidelines dictate how the corporate identity is used and things like approved color palettes, fonts and layout. This maintains the visual continuity and brand recognition across all marketing projects.

Think of it this way, Companies like Coke and Pepsi have their own identity that is part of their products and merchandise. The trademark Pepsi logo and the red, white and blue appears consistently throughout the Pepsi packaging and advertisements. Your identity should be extremely distinguishable and appeal to most people. It should convey your company image. It should be creative and simple, a tough combination.

Corporate Identity can be divided into three parts. The most common, Corporate Design is your logo, corporate colors, fonts, uniforms, etc. The second part is Corporate Communication. This is the advertising and marketing aspect of your business. Any commercial, public relations, information, brochures, etc. The third part is Corporate Behavior, the internal values of your company.

Web-Max is a full-service marketing company. We can take your company from a bad logo and no company literature to an organization with a Corporate Identity designed to fit your image. Our services include everything from logo design and product spec sheets to digital brochures and commercials.