Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. are a great source for free website traffic. Search Engine Optimization has become even more important as many clients are turning to the Internet to find things. Typically called organic listings, FREE search engine results often appear on the left-hand side, 10 per page, in most search engine result pages. They are sometimes below the top 1-3 pay-per-click results. Let’s not confuse this with paid or pay-per-click advertising. Paid for traffic is often on the right-side and usually the first 1 to 3 results at the top.

Pay-per-click traffic is quickly becoming very expensive as companies out bid each other and drive the cost of keywords higher and higher. Simply bid high enough per keyword and you find yourself on top. This makes managing your pay-per-click campaign even more important. It is a good source of leads if you know what you’re doing. We can manage your pay-per-click advertising and get great coverage without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Search Engine Marketing

Ouganic search results are more of an art form than a science. Search Engines like Google do not publish their ranking formulas and change them constantly. We work hard to stay current with search engine updates. Many companies only create META tags, if you’re lucky, and most often fail to even utilize an effective website title.

Web-Max uses a 12-point search engine optimization plan when developing your website. It includes an effective website title and meta tag creation plus many other strategies. There many other options we use to help your website claw it’s way to page one. Most importantly for many keywords not just one keyword or keyphrase. Best of all, we utilize comprehensive statistics software to track detailed information.